Newsletter April 2002, Issue 54
Published by Sonaris Consulting, Felix Bopp, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- The Virtual Museum of Canada
- Extra-Audionary: 3D Music
- Predicting the Future of US Economic Trends by Discretionary Corporate Advertising Expenditures
- Streaming Solutions: JetStream, Polycom WebOffice
- Worth reading: Heavenly Music

- Conferences & Events

The Virtual Museum of Canada

"Engaging audiences of all ages in Canada's diverse heritage through a dynamic Internet service freely available to the public in French and English." A collaboration between hundreds of Canadian museums and Canadian Heritage agencies, it is an attractive and thought-provoking site, packed with solid content. An example: EGGS - A Virtual Exhibition by The Provincial Museum of Alberta: "Welcome to the wonderful world of EGGS! At the Provincial Museum of Alberta we house one of the most extensive collections of bird eggs in North America and the World. Our Virtual Egg Exhibit features eggs of all colours, sizes, shapes and textures. We provide an on-line field guide to the eggs of Alberta and many eggs of the world, complete with photographs of eggs and adult birds. We present information on a variety of egg-related topics, from the eggs that we eat to the nesting behaviours of adults to egg humour."


Extra-Audionary: 3D Music

3D Music
3D Music is an innovative interactive computer generated performance environment in which visitors can explore specially created music in a unique virtual space. 3D Music is two main contrasting environments offering exhilarating sounds and sights on the themes of illusion and playfulness. Exploring the 3D space is simultaneously exploring the structure and the detail of the music. Visitors will form unique musical journeys by choosing their own path through the environments, experiencing a range of music from solo instruments in a brick tower to cavernous sound textures. Visitors will not only see and hear different characteristics of each environment, but will navigate and travel in new and different ways. A third interconnecting environment is for visitors to collect and play with objects from the two main spaces - sliding, throwing, building, chasing and immersing! There is a chance to explore extracts from the work in progress at the London Sinfonietta¹s State of the Nation weekend. 3D Music will be presented on the Ballroom Floor at the Royal Festival Hall in London UK between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 28 April 2002. The world premiere of 3D Music will take place on ntl broadband network in June 2002, and will be served via broadband for a minimum period of six months.


Predicting the Future of US Economic Trends by Discretionary Corporate Advertising Expenditures
By Mark F. Zeller,

Current US economic statistics and leading economic indicators are indecisive as to the future direction of the American economy. Even Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan is uncertain in his projections.

Whether you are a gambler, investor, advisor, or in any way tied to the American market, you would certainly like to know the future. If you could accurately predict the future, you would become rich, and to become rich, you must accurately predict the future.

A recent survey of the ASI show in Las Vegas, held March 11-14, predicts this: The US economy will go into marked expansion in the second quarter with growth continuing into the third quarter. Growth in the 3rd quarter will be more robust, with the 4th quarter remaining stable at the least. You can count on two full quarters of expansion, with most likely a third to follow... barring any unforeseen catastrophes.

The ASI Show, which caters to the advertising specialty industry, is almost akin to a magical crystal ball for the American economy. Advertising specialty products are, for the most part, 'giveaway' items- pens, clips, cleaners, holders, keychains, caps, sunvisors, etc. These widgets with logos encompass all the things companies give away to promote themselves and reward the chosen favorites. These are among the first items to be cut when corporate belt-tightening squeezes expenditures. They are also the first items to be ordered when companies expect or plan for future distributions. Since these items require months of lead-time, the overall measure of increased or decrease orders indicate what corporate planners are predicting. Their individual micro-economic decisions indicate what macro-economic trends will be.

A survey of various ASI Show exhibitors revealed the following: Orders in 2001 dropped precipitously, with most companies seeing a fall-off of between 8 to 30 percent. Orders that came in shifted from premium or medium priced items to lower priced items, with total dollar expenditures falling overall and the lower priced, lower margin goods squeezing ASI companies further. Some reported layoffs of up to one-third of their work force. September 11 was especially devastating to the industry, with orders evaporating entirely for the 4th quarter of 2001. However, there was a steady increase in orders beginning in the new year and that trend continued to grow through out the first quarter of 2002. ASI companies have begun re-hiring staff, although not returning to 2000 staffing levels as of yet. Corporate accounts for 2002 are up, both in dollar size and quality of items ordered. Hard hit companies, for example the manufacturers of computer mouse pads who have endured not only recessions but the dot-com bubble burst, are reporting 1st quarter 2002 orders equal to the same 2001 period. Most ASI companies, however, are seeing orders exceeding the same 2001 period by substantial margins. A concrete move to larger quantities and premium goods clearly indicates US corporations are planning more trade shows, more promotions, and substantial sales growth through the second to fourth quarters of the year. Make no mistake, the herd is bullishly pushing up the sales horns. Bet on 2002 to be a full year of American economic expansion.



Sonaris supports IWA - the International Webcasting Association -

Streaming Solutions

JetStream is an integrated streaming media hosting platform for web and wireless and streams simultaneously to Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, IceCast and MPEG-4 compatible computers and devices. JetStream is a 19" rack mountable server, designed for industrial-strength hosting of streaming media content. Stef van Ziel: "We were desperately looking for an ISP that could actually host and distribute our content. Some ISP's had a streaming server but they only supported one format, they didn't give us direct access to their servers and their servers were poorly configured for end-users behind firewalls. So we decided to develop our own streaming platform." "Jet-Stream was initially intended for internal use, but some of our clients were so excited that they wanted direct access through accounts, or even own a Jet-Stream server. It has become a great product: easy to use, affordable, yet very powerful and flexible. It's also a proven technology: the first implementation now runs for over 2 years, without a single flaw."

Polycom WebOffice
Polycom WebOffice provides an easy-to-use virtual office that enables users to conduct online meetings, and to share information files, applications or documents in a secure interactive environment using their web browser. In addition, it provides instant messaging and presence capabilities that will facilitate seamless integration of Polycom's voice and video conferencing products. "We see Polycom emerging as the key industry driver," says Gerry Kaufhold, a Principal Analyst with In-Stat/MDR. The company's rapid growth, through well-planned and intelligent acquisitions, has created an entity that truly covers all the bases of the Video Conferencing game, from end point equipment to network infrastructure, to partnerships, to user groups with global appeal and to the world's most powerful distribution channel partners. According to Kaufhold, "The final link in the chain that will drive Video Conferencing over the top is Polycom Office, which provides an integrated, fully-connected solution that makes Video Conferencing not only very easy to manage and use, but creates momentum to connect Video Conferencing, through Internet Protocol networks, to a host of streaming media applications."



Sonaris supports CDeMUSIC:

Worth reading

Heavenly Music
(Source: The Economist) A handful of satellite start-ups are hoping to deliver global digital audio to the last analogue holdout: radio. Meanwhile, conventional AM and FM broadcasters are responding with their own digital scheme. (…) Some audiophiles will not wait that long. They will tune in to the Internet instead. At present, there are some 4,000 radio stations offering together more than 100,000 streaming audio channels online. However, the only way to enjoy such programming today is with a PC and a broadband connection such as DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable modem. But what if there was a wireless device that could tune into thousands of Internet stations, but small enough to fit in a mobile receiver? This is what 3COM, a computer network company based in Santa Clara, California, had in mind when it paid $80m for Kerbango, a small company in Cupertino that marketed a portable Internet radio. However, faced with the need for drastic corporate restructuring, 3COM closed Kerbango last year. For now, Internet radio - and, for that matter, iBiquity's and Eureka 147's terrestrial digital audio as well - are still years away from widespread use. Mr Fratrick at BIA predicts that it will be at least a decade before ground-based digital radio replaces analogue FM. By contrast, he expects XM Radio and Sirius - which have raised $3.5 billion between them from public offerings and private investors - to have little trouble luring gadget-mad consumers and high-mileage motorists to switch to satellite radio. (…) Full article at:



Conferences & Events

Streaming Media West 2002
Conferences: April 23-26, 2002; Exhibits: April 24-26, 2002, Los Angeles, CA, USA

European Media Art Festival 2002
April 24–28, 2002, Osnabrueck, Germany

Switzerland meets The Netherlands
May 7-8, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AES 112th Convention, 2002
May 10-13, 2002, Munich, Germany

IIR's Fourth Annual Streaming Media & Digital Content Delivery
May 13-15, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4th Annual TV Meets the Web Seminar
May 16-17, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6th International Browserday 2002
May 17, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Cybersonica Festival- International Festival of Digital Music and Sound
June 4-7 2002, London, UK

June 4-8, 2002, Cologne, Germany

World Summit on Internet and Multimedia 2002
June 11-14, 2002, Montreux, Switzerland

MITIL 2002
June 12-14, 2002, Vevey, Switzerland

June 19-21, 2002, Cologne, Germany

Mobile Multimedia Messaging Content & Applications Congress
June 26-28, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 3rd Workshop and Exhibition on MPEG-4
June 25-27, 2002, San Jose, CA, USA

NetMedia Awards
July 4, 2002, London, UK

August 15-17, 2002, Cologne, Germany

MIAC 2002
August 25-26, 2002, Toronto, Canada

ICME 2002 - IEEE Int. Conf. & Expo on Multimedia
August 26-29, 2002, Lausanne, Switzerland

Ars Electronica Festival
September 7-12, 2002, Linz, Austria

IBC 2002
Conference September 12-16, 2002, Exhibits September 13-17, 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The NAB Radio Show
September 12-14, 2002, Seattle, WA, USA

Streaming Media East 2002
October 2-4, 2002, New York, NY, USA

AES 113th Convention
October 5-8, 2002, Los Angeles, CA, USA

ISMIR 2002 - 3rd Int. Conf. on Music Information Retrieval
October 13-17, 2002, Paris, France

FUTURE TV Workshop
October 25-31, 2002, Helsinki, Finland

Content Summit 02
November 6-8, 2002, Zurich, Switzerland

NAB European Radio Conference
November 11-13, 2002, Paris, France

WEDELMUSIC 2002 - 2nd Int. Conf. on Web Delivery of Music
December 9-11, 2002, Darmstadt, Germany


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