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SONARIS Newsletter

A compilation of MUSIC for NEW MEDIA (now Sonaris Newsletter) 1997-2001 can be downloaded here:
MUSIC for NEW MEDIA 1997-2001.pdf (1,193 KB)

Sonaris Newsletter, January 2005, Issue 70
Scientific findings: Early home environment and television watching influence bullying behavior
Music Playing Robots
Recommended book: Deep Time of the Media
Notes Towards a Literacy for the Digital Age
Summit for the Future Report - section: Media & Entertainment
Push to Talk over Cellular – stay connected
Design Focus in Stockholm 2005
Conferences & events

Sonaris Newsletter, December 2004, Issue 69
Scientific findings: CNMAT, European Language Resources Association, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Summit for the Future: Media & Entertainment
Recommended book: The Right to Tell: The Role of Mass Media in Economic Development (Wbi Development Studies)
Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe
Club of Amsterdam
NTT DoCoMo: Review of a Case Ne
Conferences & events

Sonaris Newsletter, September 2004, Issue 68
The Music, Mind and Machine Group
Recommended book: TechTV's Catalog of Tomorrow
For disabled: The Reginald Phillips Research Programme, Laboratory of Speech Technology for Rehabilitation (LSTR)
Advertising code for children must apply across EU
Club of Amsterdam
Highlights from Ars Electronica
Found at IBC
Conferences & events

Sonaris Newsletter, July 2004, Issue 67
Scientific findings: Seeing with sound
Recommended book: Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution
For disabled: Kyoyo-Hin Foundation, The Development of Information and Communication Technology Systems to Include People with a Visual Impairment
Vision 20/20: Future Scenarios for the Australian Communications Industry
Club of Amsterdam
Citizen-financed Media Revolution
Next-Generation Communications Environments
Conferences & events

Sonaris Newsletter, March 2004, Issue 66
Scientific findings: The Robotics Institute
Recommended book: Interactive Television Production
For disabled: Demor, AudioGames.net
Interactive TV : Western European Interactive TV Forecast and Analysis, 2003-2007, Interactive Showcase: Enhanced TV, GoldPocket
Club of Amsterdam
Join Multimedia 2004

Sonaris Newsletter, February 2004, Issue 65
Scientific findings: Fraunhofer IGD Rostock
Recommended book: The Computer Music Tutorial
For disabled: VisionConnection, Include, Trace
Club of Amsterdam
The Steve Jobs Zone
BeOS - Multimedia Operating System: Zeta RC2, BeBits, OpenBeOS

Sonaris Newsletter, January 2004, Issue 64
Scientific findings: Human Interface Technology Laboratory, Nottingham Institute for Research in Visual Culture (NIRV)
Recommended book: Electric Sound: The Past and Promise of Electronic Music
For handicapped: sendai mediatheque - an example, British Stammering Association
Extra-audionary: Hit Song Science Basic - for independent musicians and songwriters, Classic church organ with touch-sensitive keys, intent by Tao Group Limited
Club of Amsterdam
Artificial Intelligence: MIT AI Lab - Vision Interfaces

Sonaris Newsletter, November 2003, Issue 63
Scientific findings: Ultrasonic Sound, Discovery of Sound in the Sea, Underwater Acoustics: Home-made Hydrophone Kit, Into a Wild Sanctuary
For the blind or deaf: Batcane
Extra-audionary: AMBIENTE
Artificial Intelligence: The AI Lectures from Tokyo: An Experiment in Global Teaching
Showcased at Ars Electronica 2003: Processing, CodePlay @ UMe, Studio 31 (A) / Sounddesign

Sonaris Newsletter, October 2003, Issue 62
Scientific findings: Music Data Mining
For the blind or deaf: Café Signes, Vision Technology for the Totally Blind, Association of Sensory Substitution, Institute for Innovative Blind Navigation
Extra-audionary: "Query by Humming"
Robotics: The Intelligent Systems and Robotics Center (ISRC), Stanford Robotics Laboratory, Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory, MIT Field and Space Robotics Laboratory
Picks from IBC 2003: The VISTA Project, SONY Broadcast & Professional Research Labs, BBC Research & Development, Adopt-IT, WEDELMUSIC, Xaudio, OpenDrama

Sonaris Newsletter, September 2003, Issue 61
Scientific findings: The Music Mind Machine project, The Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC), Brain Generated Music
For the blind or deaf: Evelyn Glennie, Music and the Deaf, VibroAcoustic therapy
Extra-audionary: netzspannung.org
Toyland: Gesture and Narrative Language Group, Synthetic Characters Group
For musicians: Max/MSP, M, radiaL
Hot developments: Responsive Environment Groups - MIT Media Lab

Sonaris Newsletter, August 2003, Issue 60
Scientific findings: The Millipede, Mystery of Musical Harmony
For the blind or deaf: The Clerc Center catalog, The Sonic Pathfinder
Extra-audionary: Toy Symphony
Toyland: Photon, Totally Absurd Inventions
For musicians: FinalScratch, Har-Bal
Hot developments: The Future Store

Sonaris Newsletter, February 2003, Issue 59
Scientific Findings Show That Music Making Helps Make Active Older Americans Healthier
Cities and noise: European Environment Agency - Noise, Managing Urban Noise in Cities, Noise Free America, Aircraft noise
Extra-Audionary - Mobile "Toys": Media2Go, Pocket PC device for those who are blind
Metadata: MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative 2.0, Music Classification Systems, Sony Computer Science Laboratory
For musicians: REAKTOR SESSION, Arturia's Emulation of the Moog Modular System 3C

Sonaris Newsletter, October/November 2002, Issue 58
Medical Resonance Therapy Music
The Club of Amsterdam
Extra-Audionary: mp3PRO, GRM Tool, mp3.box
Online music and video piracy: Digital Interactive Fingerprinting, Music Piracy Report 2002
TV and radio music via the Internet in Europe

Sonaris Newsletter, August/September 2002, Issue 57

Babies recognise mother's tunes
Smart Homes: Internet Home Alliance, Living Tomorrow, Changing Places/House_n
Music Training and The Brain
Worth reading: < How to Make Morpheus an Endangered Species? >

Sonaris Newsletter, June/July, Issue 56
"Interactive TV"
Resources: ArtsElectric, Technical Committee on Computer Generated Music
Peer-to-Peer: XoloX
Worth reading: ,
Broadband Content Multicasting System

Sonaris Newsletter, May 2002, Issue 55
Conference Highlights: A) Streaming Media: IWA / Intervox, ntl:home B) TV meets the Web: Submarine, BBC, Windows Media Platform 'Corona'
Who owns digital property?

Sonaris Newsletter, April 2002, Issue 54
The Virtual Museum of Canada
Extra-Audionary: 3D Music
Predicting the Future of US Economic Trends by Discretionary Corporate Advertising Expenditures
Streaming Solutions: JetStream, Polyco
m WebOffice
Worth reading: Heavenly Music

Sonaris Newsletter, March 2002, Issue 53
Personal Robots: Evolution Robotics, Robots.net, Robot Information Central, OnRobo.com
Can The Album Survive Digital Music?
Wireless Streaming: DoCoMo tests Streaming Ads, The SWInG platform, UK aims to resolve mobile phone health fears
Worth reading: Sonic Fusion

Sonaris Newsletter, February 2002, Issue 52

MPEG-4: Philips MP4Net, Become a MPEG-4 "Expert" in 6 Hours, Overview of the MPEG-4 Standard, Extensible MPEG-4 Textual Format (XMT)
Worth reading: Babies learn in their sleep
Extra-Audionary: Soundtrack Express
Awards: The Canadian New Media Awards, Prix Ars Electronica 2002
For Musicians: LIVE
Music Business Angels


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