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Systematic Research
Systematic and targeted research precedes every export marketing project that we undertake. This research examines the product and/or industry of the client and allows us to understand current market conditions, market activity, and competitor situation. From the research completed, we develop an initial strategy and construct profiles of ideal marketing partners and clients. We then develop lists of well-targeted companies – companies who have a high propensity to be interested in working with the client as a client or partner.

Making Contact
The research phase is followed by a pro-active and systematic contacting of each well-targeted company. During this phase, we establish contact with each individual company’s decision maker and determine the company’s interest in acting as a partner and/or client. If a company is not interested in the product or opportunity presented, we determine the reasons for their disinterest. These negative responses allow us to provide valuable feedback to the client about the reaction of the well-targeted companies to the product or opportunity. All of our marketing activities are completed in-house by individuals who are trained and able to discuss international business activities with highlevel executives. We never use outside organizations to complete this work.

Meetings and Visits
After we have made contact with the well-targeted companies, we set-up and coordinate meetings with each US company who had a positive response to the product or opportunity presented. These meetings are held at the US company’s office or at a relevant trade show.



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